Ryan Lochte films weird ad for cough drops (video)

Getty Images

Ryan Lochte‘s first video ad for his first new sponsor after his Rio Olympic gas-station incident is, well, weird.

The 30-second spot for Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops shows Lochte sitting in a director’s chair, barefoot, kicking at some leaves in a studio with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” playing in the background.

“Soft, delicious Pine Bros. throat drops on a sore throat – they magical!” Lochte says.

The ad then rolls to a closing banner that reads, “Pine Bros.: In this Season of Forgiveness.”

Pine Bros. added Lochte on Aug. 25, 11 days after his gas-station incident at the Rio Olympics. Lochte had previously lost sponsorship deals, including with Speedo, after the incident for which he was suspended 10 months by USA Swimming.

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