How Adria Biles dealt with Brazilians mistaking her for Simone

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What was it like to be Simone Biles‘ sister at the Rio Olympics?

Let Adria Biles tell you.

In Rio, Adria was mistaken for her older (but shorter by six inches) sister daily, she wrote on EspnW:

They’d ask for autographs and take pictures. And many times they didn’t speak English so I couldn’t explain that I wasn’t her. They’d just say, “Simone! Simone!” and finally I decided it was easier to just let them take a picture.

We do look alike, I’ll give them that. But I’m about 5-foot-2. Simone is 4-foot-8. I’m a good head taller than her. When we are side by side, people can definitely tell us apart.

The sisters were adopted by their grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles, when Simone was 6. Simone has said she and Adria, a former gymnast, “fight like cats and dogs” but are close.

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