Paris 2024 bid welcomes new French president Emmanuel Macron

Paris 2024
Paris 2024

France’s newly-elected president, Emmanuel Macron, is being welcomed by the Paris 2024 Olympic bid committee after Sunday’s election.

Committee co-chairmen Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset said in a press release on Sunday that Macron “understands the power of sport and how the Games can be a force for real change and help build inspiration and inclusion.”

Some were concerned that Macron’s rival, populist candidate Marine Le Pen, would have damaged the bid due to her “France-first” message. Macron’s policies include pro-business strategies and strengthening the European Union.

Paris and Los Angeles are the remaining two cities bidding for the 2024 Olympics. The International Olympic Committee will decide the winner in September.

In February, President Donald Trump announced his support for the LA 2024 bid.

“I would love to see the Olympics go to Los Angeles,” Trump said. “I think that it’ll be terrific. The United States committee’s members have asked me to speak up about it, and I have, and I think I’ve helped them, and let’s see what happens. But I’d be very happy and honored if they would choose Los Angeles, and we’d stand behind it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.