Ryan Lochte had suicidal thoughts after Rio Olympics

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Ryan Lochte acknowledged he considered suicide after his Rio Olympic gas-station incident, according to ESPN.com.

“After Rio, I was probably the most hated person in the world,” Lochte mumbled, according to the report, repeating what he said last fall. “There were a couple of points where I was crying, thinking, ‘If I go to bed and never wake up, fine.'”

Lochte was asked if that meant he considered suicide, nodded slowly and said, “I was about to hang up my entire life,” according to ESPN.

Lochte previously discussed his depression after his Rio infamy, the gas-station incident that led to a 10-month suspension from USA Swimming.

“I reached the lowest point of my entire life that I never thought I would go to,” Lochte said in September. “I was in a really dark place. And I didn’t know if I should come out. Just hide my entire life.”

Lochte’s ban ends June 30, and he has already competed in a non-USA Swimming meet. Lochte plans to try to make the 2020 Olympic team at age 35.

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