Delays over, Lindsey Vonn’s finally in PyeongChang

Instagram: Lindsey Vonn
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Lindsey Vonn does everything fast, but even the 2010 Olympic downhill champion is not immune to travel delays.

Vonn posted on social media that her flight was delayed:

After deplaning from her original aircraft, Vonn asked her followers whether it would take her โ€œunder 24 hoursโ€ or โ€œover 24 hoursโ€ to get to Seoul.

Turns out it was a push, because the journey took exactly 24 hours:

Vonn made sure to thank the crew for getting her to the 2018 Winter Games:

Vonnโ€™s dog, Lucy, seemed affected by the jetlag: Vonnโ€™s dogs probably have more Instagram followers than you do