Chloe Kim was hungry for gold (and also a sandwich)

Getty Images

Chloe Kim was hungry for gold today, dominating the women’s halfpipe final in PyeongChang and then throwing out a 98.25 point victory run just for kicks. But she was also literally just hungry.

Following up her mid-qualifying round tweet about wanting some ice cream (no update on whether she ever got any, by the way), she tweeted about not finishing her breakfast sandwich and feeling the sting of hangriness, all while the final round of her event was going happening.

After first posting about the nerves-relieving churros she had before the halfpipe qualifier, she posted about wanting ice cream in the middle of said qualifying round. The Internet fell in love with her relatable sweet tooth craving and answered back with clever #OlympicIceCreamFlavors (including, but not limited to, “BoarderScotch” and “Vonnilla”).

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