Nathan Chen’s a HUGE NBA fan (especially Westbrook and LeBron)

Getty Images

Watching Nathan Chen compete, you’d never think about Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James or reigning-NBA MVP Russell Westbrook.

But don’t tell Chen that.

“I just really like (Westbrook’s) attitude,” Chen said in a recent Wall Street Journal article. “It’s something I try to emulate on the ice. Ignore the distraction, and go do what you want.”

As for James, Chen tries to be just as consistent in his routine as the 14-time all-star is on the court. James is a three-time Olympic medalist himself.

“He’s the GOAT,” Chen said in the interview. “Just year after year after year, game after game, he’s consistently amazing. That consistency is something I strive for. It’s really inspiring for me to watch that.”

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