Anna Gasser tops qualifying for women’s snowboard big air

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A heavy round of qualifying in women’s snowboard big air set the stage for what’s sure to be an incredibly progressive final, and it was Austria’s Anna Gasser leading the field.

Over the last year or two, doubles have taken women’s snowboard by storm. And sure enough, the double came out in qualifying.

Gasser, the favorite for gold in this event, was the only rider to land a double cork 1080, and she was rewarded with the top score of the qualifying round (a 98.0)

Last week’s slopestyle gold and silver medalists, Team USA’s Jamie Anderson and Canada’s Laurie Blouin, landed double cork 900s. U.S. rider Julia Marino nailed a cab double underflip.

All four of those riders safely advanced to the final round.

Watch the final on Monday at 8:30 pm ET by clicking here