Lindsey Vonn: I didn’t want to win in training

AP Images

Sunday’s downhill training

1. Stephanie Venier (Austria)
2. Sofia Goggia (Italy) +.08 seconds
3. Lindsey Vonn (USA) +.35 seconds

Lindsey Vonn clocked the fastest time in Saturday’s downhill training run. But she went out of her way not to let that happen again in Sunday’s training run. Mikaela Shiffrin still undecided about Olympic downhill

As Vonn approached the finish, she stood up out of her crouch and extended her arms, purposely slowing herself down.

“I actually didn’t want to win the training run today,” Vonn said on NBC. “I like letting other people think that they are faster.”

Vonn, who finished .35 seconds slower than Austria’s Stephanie Venier on Sunday, believes not winning in training can actually be a competitive advantage.

“In speed, there are a few things you can do to play mind games,” Vonn said. “I use every opportunity.”

Mikaela Shiffrin finished 16th in training, 1.80 seconds behind the Venier.

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