Team USA’s improbable curling win over Canada, in their own words

Getty Images

The curling world was left almost speechless early Thursday morning when the U.S. men defeated Canada to not only advance to its first gold medal game in the sport, but also force Canada to settle for the bronze medal game for the first time since curling returned to the Olympics in 1998.

Here’s a bit of what team members had to say to reporters in PyeongChang after the historic victory:

Matt Hamilton
“We’ve been in tough situations where our backs have been up against the wall. At two of the last three world championships we were in similar positions, where we had to run the table to advance.”

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John Landsteiner
“Believing in ourselves, playing the way we know how. One of our goals was to come out and be ourselves, and we did that.”

John Shuster
“Every single day when I wake up is trying to figure out what I can do to prepare for this moment and to have the pressure through this week and to come together now, this is a dream come true for sure.”

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