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Vernon Davis teaches Arsenio Hall how to curl (video)

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Arsenio Hall called it “curling to the ghetto.” The talk show host welcomed USA Curling’s honorary captain and San Francisco 49ers Pro Bowl tight end Vernon Davis to his talk show Wednesday. Davis taught Hall the finer points of the sport. “I hope my pants don’t rip,” Davis said as he bent down in his suit [more]

Jason Brown goes on Arsenio Hall show (video)

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U.S. figure skater Jason Brown has known Arsenio Hall since birth. The two reconnected on Hall’s talk show to discuss the Olympics, a car accident and those double toilets in Sochi on Friday. Hall knows Brown, 19, through Brown’s mother. Marla Brown was executive producer of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” which ran from 1989 to the spring of 1994. Brown was [more]