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Usain Bolt takes on all questions in India

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Usain Bolt was asked if he could do 80 push-ups on stage, which of his peers has the best chance of beating him and if he would rather race fast cars or cheetahs in a promotional event in India on Tuesday.

Bolt also took part in a silly foot race before a cricket match, where he was beaten despite questionable antics.

Here’s video of Bolt’s near-half-hour sitdown where he took questions from a host, people in the crowd and from Twitter. Some highlights:

Who do you think has the best chance of beating you in a world competition?

“Best chance?” Bolt responded, laughing. “Normally I would say nobody, but, for me you never know. Track and field is a weird sport.”

Bolt went on to mention, in order, Justin GatlinTyson Gay and Yohan Blake as sprinters who could potentially step up to beat him.

“I’m not going to let anybody beat me,” Bolt continued, laughing.

Bolt also said of at least one of his sprint world records (9.58 seconds for the 100m; 19.19 for the 200m):

“It’s pretty much out of reach,” Bolt said. “I think it’s going to stay there for a while.”

And finally:

If you get an opportunity, Usain, what would the fastest man on the planet want to race against — fast cars or cheetahs?

“A cheetah I think would be cooler to try to compete against,” Bolt said. “That would be kind of a great headline — ‘Usain Bolt beats cheetah.'”

Bolt would not beat a cheetah — Video: Usain Bolt races virtual cheetah

London Olympic Stadium set for another tenant

London Olympic Stadium
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London’s Olympic Stadium has a deal in principle to hold a two-week festival in 2016 for a non-Olympic sport … cricket.

“In principle, there is an agreement that a two-week festival of T20-type cricket could be played at the Olympic Park from 2016,” Derek Bowden, the chief executive for the cricket club Essex, told the BBC. “Ourselves, Kent and Middlesex have all expressed interest in playing there.”

The soccer club West Ham United is already set to move into the Olympic Stadium starting in 2016.

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Yohan Blake wants to try different sport after track career

Yohan Blake
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Usain Bolt has said he’s thought about going for professional soccer once he retires from track and field. Bolt’s biggest rival fancies another sport.

Olympic 100m and 200m silver medalist Yohan Blake wants to play cricket after he’s done sprinting, he told BBC Radio 5.

“I’ve been wanting to play for Yorkshire or in England,” Blake said. “After running, I’ll put my mind to that.

“We have some talks with some of people and we are looking forward for it.”

The Yorkshire County Cricket Club responded via Twitter …

… and via spokesman:

“At this stage, we’re flattered that Yohan has expressed an interest in being involved and playing with Yorkshire,” a spokesman said, according to the BBC. “We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent.

“Let’s get him in the nets and see what he’s made of.”

Blake, 24, said he plans to retire from track and field at age 29, according to the report. That would be before the 2020 Olympics and potentially keep him from going for an Olympic title without having to beat Bolt.

Blake is the joint second-fastest man of all time with a 100m personal best of 9.69 seconds. He beat Bolt in the 100m and 200m at the 2012 Jamaican Olympic Trials but took silver behind the world’s fastest man in both events at the London Olympics.

Blake missed most of last season with a hamstring injury but already has meets lined up this year. He’s slated to run 150m on a straightaway on a Manchester street Saturday. It’s unknown when he will next race against Bolt, who has yet to race this season.

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