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Hilary Knight joins new club team

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Fresh off beating Canada at the Olympics, Hilary Knight is now moving to Canada to continue her club career.

Knight, a three-time Olympian and stalwart U.S. forward for the last decade, joined the Montreal Canadiennes of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and is expected to play her first game Sunday.

Knight played all of her previous club games in Boston. She was drafted by the CWHL’s Boston Blades out of college in 2012, then joined the Boston Pride when the U.S. domestic league, the NWHL, launched in 2015.

Knight didn’t play club hockey this past fall. Nobody on the U.S. national team did as they prepared for the Olympics.

But before Olympic prep, none of the 23 players who eventually made the PyeongChang team were playing in the CWHL.

All were either aligned with U.S. college programs, NWHL teams, the independent Minnesota Whitecaps or, in the case of defender Sidney Morin, playing in Sweden.

Two players cut from the U.S. national team before the Olympics — Megan Bozek and Alex Carpenter — joined CWHL teams in January.

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Hilary Knight appears on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (video)

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Wearing her Olympic gold medal, Hilary Knight joined Team USA super fan and comedian Leslie Jones on “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update.

Knight became one of few Winter Olympic champions to appear on SNL. The only Winter Olympic gold medalist to host the show was Jonny Moseley in 2002.

A Summer Olympic gold medalist hosted Saturday’s show — Dream Team member Charles Barkley for the fourth time.

Knight and the U.S. women’s hockey team have been on a nationwide media tour with stops in Los Angeles (appeared on “Ellen”), the Tampa Bay area (where they trained leading up to PyeongChang), New York and Washington, D.C., appearing at an NHL Stadium Series game in Annapolis, Md., on Saturday.

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Hilary Knight: Heavy is the crown for the selfie queen

Hilary Knight/Twitter
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Following three-time Olympian Hilary Knight on social media means pictures. Specifically, selfies.

Lots and lots of selfies.

The forward easily qualifies as the selfie queen of the U.S. women’s Olympic hockey team. But it’s not because the 5-foot-11 Knight doesn’t try to share the photo duties documenting these Olympic moments with her teammates.

“I always ask someone else to do it, and they’re like, ‘No, no you just do it,'” Knight said with a laugh. “Just because of my arms. I have the angle or something figured out.

Knight stayed busy the night of the opening ceremonies at the Pyeongchang Games.

She’s also been documenting life in the athletes’ village.

Knight says she startles herself when she opens up her SnapChat app and finds it on selfie mode.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s going on there?” she said. “But I feel badly for posting all the selfies. At the same time, we’re trying to capture all these memories we have together because they’re something special.”