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Watch ‘Eddie the Eagle’ international film trailer on British ski jumper

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An international trailer for “Eddie the Eagle,” a film on the distant last-place finisher at the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic ski jumping events, was published Tuesday.

The film, set to be released early next year, is about Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, the British ski jumper, played by Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

Australian Hugh Jackman plays Edwards’ fictitious coach in the film.

“Eddie the Eagle is a folk hero,” Jackman said, according to USA Today, which added that Edwards frequently visited the set during filming. “He’s British, but Eddie embodies that quintessential have-a-go quality that Aussies love. He really just went for it as the whole world watched.”

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Eddie the Eagle

Hugh Jackman: Yuna Kim is “certain to win!”

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South Korean figure skater Yuna Kim probably has a lot of famous fans after taking home Olympic gold from Vancouver two years ago, but now she can add movie star Hugh Jackman to that list.

Why? Well, upon hearing that Kim was skating to a song from the Les Misérables soundtrack in her recent competitions, the Australian actor who happens to be starring in the latest film version of the classic book/musical/what-have-you due out next month proclaimed that Kim was the “best” and is “certain to win. 100 percent.”

Jackman, who was taking questions after a press screening in Seoul earlier this week, then invited Yu-Na and six of her closest friends to come see the film with him, just in case she needed to “get some inspiration or listen to the music.”

He also seemed excited about the prospect of appearing with Kim and Russell Crowe in Les Misérables on Ice in the future, which drew laughs from the crowd even though most would absolutely go see it.

We only hope that Kim takes Jackman up on his offer before her competition in Dortmund, Germany beginning Dec. 5, otherwise she might have to fight the crowds when the film is released on Christmas day.