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Sweden, Norway

Norway sports organization proposes Norway-Sweden 2026 Olympics

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A joint Norway-Sweden bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics would be an exciting idea, a Norwegian College of Elite Sport top official told Norwegian outlet Nationen.

The official suggested a bid combining Trondheim, Norway, and Are, Sweden, which are about 100 miles apart, but also said there had been no talks with Swedish officials.

The Olympic Charter allows for the possibility of a Winter Olympics shared by two countries.

“For the Olympic Winter Games, when for geographical or topographical reasons it is impossible to organize certain events or disciplines of a sport in the country of the host city, the IOC may, on an exceptional basis, authorise the holding of these in a bordering country,” the charter says.

Oslo withdrew its bid for the 2022 Olympics on Oct. 1, after Norway’s government voted not to financially back it.

A Stockholm bid for the 2022 Olympics was scrapped in January, though officials said this week they regretted doing so given the changes to the bidding process being put into place, according to The Associated Press.

Stockholm’s bid proposed holding mountain events in Are, nearly 400 miles away from the Swedish capital.

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be awarded to Almaty, Kazakhstan, or Beijing next year.

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Norway Olympic Committee president to step down

Borre Rognlien
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The president of Norway’s Olympic Committee will step down in 2015, but it is reportedly not due to Oslo’s failed 2022 Olympic bid nor threats he received during the bid process.

Borre Rognlien will let his current term run out and not seek another four-year term.

Oslo withdrew its bid for the 2022 Olympics after Norwegian government voted not to financially back it Oct. 1.

Lillehammer, host of the 1994 Winter Olympics, will host the 2016 Youth Winter Olympics.

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IOC will not reopen 2022 Olympic bidding

Thomas Bach
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The International Olympic Committee will choose between Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Beijing rather than look for more candidates to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

“The IOC is sticking to its commitments,” IOC president Thomas Bach said Thursday, according to The Associated Press. “We have issued the invitation for bidding. There is a clear and transparent procedure. We will follow this procedure with two candidates.

“We are in the middle of a procedure. We cannot and we do not want to change the regulations in the middle of the race, given the fact that we still have two very interesting candidatures with a very diverse approach.”

Oslo became the fourth candidate to drop out of the 2022 Olympic bidding Wednesday after Norwegian politicians voted against financially supporting the bid. Krakow, Poland; Lviv, Ukraine and Stockholm previously pulled out.

“For me the [Oslo] decision was no surprise at all,” Bach told the AP, adding that Oslo, Almaty and Beijing bid representatives (but not Norwegian government) met with the IOC in separate meetings Tuesday. “We feel sorry for sport in Norway and the athletes.

“It’s really a missed huge opportunity for sports and the people of Norway.”

Of Almaty, Bach said the Kazakh city has “a long winter sports tradition,” including the Soviet Union era, according to the AP.

Of Beijing, which proposes using some 2008 Summer Olympic venues, Bach said it could create “a new winter sport center for hundreds of millions of people.”

The IOC will vote to select the host city on July 31, 2015, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bach also said the cost of the Olympics and the cost of bidding are on the agenda for an IOC session in Monaco in December. The U.S. Olympic Committee is expected to decide if it will bid for the 2024 Olympics after that session.

“The proposal is to change the philosophy of bidding,” he told Reuters. “In the past we have asked the cities in which way they would fulfill the conditions set. So in the future we would prefer to ask the cities how they see an Olympic Games best fitting into their long term social, sports, ecological and economic development.”

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