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Sage Kotsenburg not at Closing Ceremony, still dresses up for it

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We’re not sure what we like more about this little story: The fact that slopestyle snowboard gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg dressed up for last night’s Closing Ceremony even though he wasn’t there, or the hashtag that came with the photo confirmation he tweeted out.

Kotsenburg broke out his official Team USA Closing Ceremony uniform for the occasion, showing his solidarity with his teammates. And you’ll see that hysterical hashtag in the photo below…

#SwagGameStrongerThanHulkHogansBicep…Fantastic. Nothing really more to say than that, right?

But Kotsenburg wasn’t quite done with his Closing Ceremony fun, tweeting another photo of him dressing up like supermodel Kate Upton.

That in turn drew a funny response from his U.S. snowboarding compadre and bronze medalist in snowboard cross, Alex Deibold:

Jamie Anderson receives perhaps the most adorable fan letter ever

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It’s not uncommon for top athletes to receive fan mail, but U.S. slopestyle snowboard gold medalist Jamie Anderson may have gotten the most adorable letter of all.

This morning, Anderson tweeted a photo of a letter she received from a young fan named Leanne.

The child put a lot of effort into her letter to the star snowboarder. It comes adorned with colorful stars, a drawing of a U.S. Olympic flag, and a penny – which she asks Anderson to rub to “get good luck.”

You can go “Awwwwwwww!” now.