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Best snowboarding moments from 2018 Winter Olympics

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A pair of American teenagers became breakout stars, and a 22-year-old from the Czech Republic proved to be one of the most versatile athletes in PyeongChang. Here’s a look back at some of the top moments from Olympic snowboarding this year.

Red Gerard becomes a star
After an unexpected gold medal in men’s slopestyle, Red Gerard became a cult legend. His run itself was great — he took creative lines throughout the course and used features that other riders were ignoring — but then the 17-year-old really became a breakout star thanks to his candid interviews.

“Hangry” Chloe Kim fulfills her destiny
Chloe Kim has been dominating women’s halfpipe for several years now, but she finally got to bring her talents to the Olympic stage. Viewers fell in love with her story, as well as her mid-competition tweets about ice cream and being “hangry.”

And during the contest, Kim gave everyone what they wanted on her victory lap — the back-to-back 1080s. The extremely difficult sequence of tricks has still never been done by any other woman, and even Kim has used it very sparingly over the last two years. But she landed it on her third run to put the exclamation point on her gold-medal performance.

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Lindsey Jacobellis emphasizes optimism, not heartbreak, after another Olympic miss

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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – The usual sting of an Olympic fourth-place finish did not accompany Lindsey Jacobellis’ words.

“I could be upset, but where is that going to get me?” she said.

Earlier, the minutes after Jacobellis’ fourth Olympic competition went like this: a discussion with a U.S. team official about her athlete credential, swigs of blue Powerade and a light chat with teammates.

Watch: Jacobellis finishes fourth in boardercross

“Could you not walk around without your crutches, please?” she joked with Rosie Mancari, who was to make her Olympic debut here but suffered ankle injuries in a Tuesday training crash. “I need you for Supergirl.” (more on Supergirl later)

Many emphasize Jacobellis, arguably the best snowboard cross racer ever, leaving another Winter Games without gold. Jacobellis does not.

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Moioili wins gold in women’s snowboard cross, Jacobellis fourth

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Gold: Michaela Moioli (ITA)

Silver: Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau (FRA)

Bronze: Eva Samkova (CZE)

Lindsey Jacobellis is still searching for that elusive gold medal after finishing fourth in the women’s boardercross final.

Jacobellis set the pace early, and led the pack for the past two thirds of the race, but Moioli made her move to get into first place and powered past the remaining competitors. What Jacobellis has learned from previous Olympic disappointments

On the final jump it was clear that the Italian would win, leaving Jacobellis to try to find some way to maneuver past France’s Mabileau and Czech Republic’s Eva Samkova, but the American’s speed faltered in the end and finished just half a snowboard length behind third.