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Adam Rippon meets Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon‘s first impression of Adam Rippon?

“This is the relationship the world’s been waiting for,” she said. “You smell really good. You’re more handsome in person than even on the ice.”

The actress and the figure skater, who became Twitter friends during the Olympics, sat side by side on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday.

Rippon had Witherspoon hold his Olympic team event bronze medal as he detailed his wardrobe malfunction, losing a button on his shirt before walking on stage.

Then Witherspoon recalled how she first heard about Rippon.

“I was working out with my trainer,” she said. “He was like, have you seen Adam? He’s so amazing. He’s so awesome. He’s so outspoken. And then I started reading some of his tweets, which are the funniest tweets ever. I think there was one that was like, to all my haters who say that I’m failing: I have failed. I have failed. I have gotten up. I have learned from my mistakes, and now I’m a glamazon b—- ready for the runway. Not that I memorized it or anything or committed it to memory or, like, made it my screensaver.”

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Simone Biles shows Stephen Colbert how to stick the landing (video)

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Simone Biles continued her media tour promoting her book, “Courage to Soar,” by teaching Stephen Colbert to stick a landing on Thursday.

Biles showed Colbert, who has Olympic history himself, the difference between male and female gymnasts at the end of routines.

Unlike women, men “scream like crazy,” Biles said.

Colbert then hopped off one step, saluted, high-fived Biles and let out a masculine roar.

Colbert also asked Biles how high she flies.

“Probably twice my body length,” Biles said. “I’m not very tall, so maybe it’s like 10 feet.”

Colbert also brought up the balance beam, asking if Biles felt pain when she has to scrunch her toes up against the four-inch-wide apparatus to keep from falling off.

“Sometimes I just want to jump off a beam and curl up in a ball,” Biles said, “but I don’t.”

VIDEO: Biles recalls being called ‘too fat’ at her worst event

Stephen Colbert and the Olympics

Stephen Colbert
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Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert signs off of “The Colbert Report” on Thursday, ending an impressive run as one of TV’s most recognized hosts.

Colbert is also a friend to the Olympics, particularly to US Speedskating leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. He promoted US Speedskating on his show, and thanks to the Colbert Nation, helped the organization recoup funding when it lost a major sponsor, leaving a $300,000 hole.

Sports Illustrated put Colbert (in a skinsuit) on its cover for their efforts.

Colbert had Olympic medalist speed skaters including Joey Cheek, Dan Jansen and Katherine Reutter on his show. You may remember Colbert autographing Reutter’s thigh (video here) and racing Shani Davis (video here).

Colbert then traveled to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics as the assistant sports psychologist for the US Speedskating team.

“The players relate to me because I provided them with cash,” Colbert joked in an NBC Olympics interview with Bob Costas on the late-night broadcast on Feb. 17, 2010. “That’s not the kind of bond you can get by being competent.”

At the end of the interview, Colbert crawled into the fireplace on the NBC Olympics set in the international broadcast center.

Colbert also hosted his show from Vancouver and had Costas come on and ride a fake moose named “Ebersol.”

Colbert also was at the Richmond Olympic Oval for Davis’ victory in the 1000m. He spent part of his time in spectator seating reading an issue of “Cat Fancy” and “Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies” and spreading condiments on a sandwich with a skate blade.

Two nights later, a second Costas-Colbert interview aired on late night. Colbert was dressed in a full Mountie outfit. Colbert paid respect to a nation of people he previously called syrup-suckers, iceholes and Saskatchewiners and rode the moose, which by then had migrated to the NBC set and was renamed “Colbert.”

This year, Colbert had on Olympic ice dance champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White. He accused White of hair doping (video here).

A photographic look back at Colbert and the Olympics from Getty Images:

Stephen Colbert, dressed as a Mountie, with Johnny Weir.

source: Getty Images

source: Getty Images
Colbert with members of the Night Train four-man bobsled that would win gold at the 2010 Olympics.
source: Getty Images
Colbert taking a skeleton run in Lake Placid, N.Y.

source: Getty Images

source: Getty Images

source: Getty Images

source: Getty Images

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