Tucker West ‘can’t be too mad’ at dad for #TeamTucker matchmaking

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Tucker West’s first Winter Olympics was quite the ride. And not only for the luge.

West, 18, is the youngest luger in U.S. team history (makes sense, given his early start on his backyard track built by his dad, Brett) and spent Day 1 and Day 2 competing in the men’s singles. He eventually finished 22nd overall.

But none of those facts were why #TeamTucker went viral. He has Brett to thank for that. And he’s not that mad about about.

During a TODAY Show feature on Sunday that detailed the backyard luge run, Brett West also announced that his son was “very single” and encouraged ladies to become fans of Tucker on Facebook.

VIDEO: Watch the TODAY Show segment

“I was a little mortified when I heard his comment,” West said later on Sunday, via Yahoo! Sports, “but he’s still one of the greatest dads in the world and part of the greatest parent duo I could ever ask for.”

Brett built Tucker a track, now he’s building him an audience. The Facebook group now has close to 4,000 members, double what it was early Sunday. No word on his dating prospects.

“I can’t be too mad at him,” Tucker said.

#TeamTucker reveals how single Tucker West is (and gets his dad in trouble)

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U.S. luger Tucker West has his father Brett to thank for the backyard luge that helped him become the country’s youngest-ever Olympic competitor in the event at 18. He also has his dad to scold for making #TeamTucker into something of an Internet phenomenon.

As you can see from this clip, Brett West said that Tucker is “very single, and he’s a little shy, so you’ll have to reach out to him” on TODAY.

Well … they did.



Brett West knows that he’s going to hear it from his son, as he admitted on Facebook.


Then again, Brett West can reply with more than the usual “I took you into this world,” retort. After all, this NBCOlympics.com profile reveals why Tucker West is known as “The Backyard Luger.”

While watching the luge competition during the Salt Lake Olympics, Tucker’s father, Brett West, said to his seven-year-old son, “That looks like a lot of fun. Is that something you’d like to do?”

The two were so enamored with the sport that they decided to build a luge track in the backyard of their home in the quaint New England town of Ridgefield.

It started with a snow track that they iced down, but it would always melt away. Eventually it evolved into a wooden monstrosity.

Nah. Brett West might still be in trouble.